Verisec has entered into partner agreements with multinational Microsoft. Within the framework of the agreement, one will devote itself to joint business development that creates customer value and in this the globally scalable e-identification service Freja eID plays a central role.

Microsoft develops, manufactures and licenses many software products with a strong market position. The company’s leading position has led to the operating systems Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, both of which are completely dominant in the personal computer market, being used by several organizations and companies. The Swedish public sector is in many ways Microsoft-based.

But Microsoft-based organizations must also adapt their operations to the new data protection regulation, which focuses on the security of the use of personal data. Office 365 is an example of a cloud service that is used extensively in both the private and public sectors. It gives employees in different organizations access to Microsoft Office tools and collaboration services independently of the device. These organizations can now improve regulatory compliance and better protect their users with secure login via Freja eID.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
”Public cloud services are an important puzzle piece in Sweden’s digitization work. Freja eID enables secure login and can make it more secure for companies and authorities to share information in the cloud. The development potential for complementing Microsoft’s cloud services with our identity solution is very good.”