Verisec expands the scope of its e-identification service. Users can now easily maintain the principle of distinguishing between what they do privately and in different roles – in one and the same mobile eID.

Freja eID is based on personal attributes, while Organization eID is based on attributes linked to the user’s profession or role in an organization. Organization eID can be used as a professional eID, member ID or in other contexts where you want to associate a specific attribute, such as an employment number, to a role. With Freja eID for private use and the Organization eID in the same app, users within the organization have an eID that clearly separates private life from the professional life, the area of responsibility or the role. Organization eID has been developed with the support of Sweden’s innovation authority Vinnova within the framework of the announcement “Digital security and reliability – Theme: Identity and blockchains”.

There is a repressed need for a cost-effective and user-friendly mobile professional eID in Sweden, not least in the public sector. The professional eID:s used today are often expensive, have technical and regulatory limitations or are based on the user identifying as a private person, not the user’s professional role being identified.

Freja eID is available at various levels of trust and Freja eID+ at trust level 3 is the only mobile eID that is approved for the quality mark Svensk e-legitimation, by DIGG – Agency for Digital Government.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
”Mixing up the private identity with, for example, the professional role can create problems around issues such as responsibility and legal security. With Organization eID, we have developed a unique ID solution – separate from the private eID – which paves the way for more efficient digitization in both the public and private sectors.”