Verisec has signed an agreement with Casino Cosmopol to make a pilot project where Freja eID is used for the physical identification of visitors to the casino.

Svenska Spel already use Freja eID to identify their online gaming customers. The current project aims to test how a mobile eID could work in a physical context.

Casino Cosmopol is a wholly owned subsidiary of state-owned Svenska Spel and operates Sweden’s only land-based casinos in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Sundsvall. These offer classic casino games, food and drinks as well as entertainment in an international setting. Over 800,000 visits per year are made by both Swedish and foreign guests who need to prove their identity with an ID.

In 2019, Verisec was granted support by the state innovation authority Vinnova for the development of e-identification in physical contexts. The current pilot project together with Casino Cosmopol aims to validate the development that Verisec has made around Freja eID to adapt the app for physical identification.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
“The gaming industry has high requirements for identifying users and an eID has proven to be a secure and user-friendly ID method that meets the regulatory requirements for online games. We believe that in the long term, the mobile eID in many contexts will replace the physical ID document, partly because it can offer increased security and partly because it can, for example, streamline the processes of package pickup, age control or entry control. However, I would like to emphasize that the project in question is a pilot aimed at testing this hypothesis.”