Now gambling customers can use Freja eID as a login method for online games at ATG Horse, Sport and Casino.

Since a year back, all gaming companies that operate in the Swedish gambling sector have the legal requirement to have their playing customers identity verified with eID. This is to increase security and to ensure the players’ age and identity. The introduction of Freja eID as an identification method provides greater freedom of choice and independence for ATG’s customers which until now have been referred to a single ID-method.

Verisec has long had a well-established collaboration with ATG and their national store network. Most of these stores are authorized Freja eID agents and provide the physical identification checks which are required, among other things, to obtain the quality mark Svensk e-legitimation.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
”Now, ATG’s online customers gain access to Sweden’s largest gaming offering on trotting sports and a host of other gaming services with Freja eID. The good user experience in Freja eID makes our eID a natural choice for players looking for increased security and control while gambling online. We believe that the gaming industry’s introduction of login with eID will inspire other industries.”